Rich and Kat have been partners for over 30 years

                                        in sales to alternative markets

Our first business was a large beauty supply store, called Buzzy's Outlet.    We specialized in the sale of both ethnic and generalized beauty supplies to the public.   Because of our successes, we soon grew to 3 large stores.

Nail care was becoming very popular then, and we had difficulty getting nail care products on a regular basis, so we started a company called Nails Plus which wholesaled nail care products to all the beauty supply stores in the area as well as satisfying our own customers.   That was a huge success and during that time, we started Kat's Klaws, a manufactured nail care line, that sold directly to the public through our stores and eventually to all the customers in the metro-NY area.

We were buying some nationally advertized merchandise through distributors, for our stores and saw how difficult it was to get these items direct, because of high minimums and other restrictions.   We formed Metropolitan Rep Group, LLC, which has been selling these nationally advertised products as well as ethnic and beauty supplies to the local and national distributors ever since.

Our Associates

What is the Alternative Market, Ethnic & Inner City

The Inner City Alternative Market is a Multi-Cultural megatropolus of which Metropolitan Rep Group is an integral part.  We pride ourselves in introducing nationally advertised, as well as multi-cultural products to all the distributors that service the inner city areas. 

In the past, secondary lines were the only option consumers had in these markets.  With MRG's tenacity, and determination, your products can also be introduced to these consumers.

We pride outselves with years of successes in these endeavors, for many nationally advertised companies, such as:
Gillette, Combe(Just for Men), Blistex, Georgia-Pacific, CB Fleet, American Safety Razor, ET Browne, Idelle, Queene Helene, etc.

Continue the crusade, and join us in our pursuit of bringing the finest products to the American Alternative, Inner City Markets