Rich and Kat have been partners for over 30 years in sales to alternative markets

Our first business was a large beauty supply store, called Buzzy's Outlet.    We specialized in the sale of both ethnic and generalized beauty supplies to the public.   Because of our successes, we soon grew to 3 large stores.

Nail care was becoming very popular then, and we had difficulty getting nail care products on a regular basis, so we started a company called Nails Plus which wholesaled nail care products to all the beauty supply stores in the area as well as satisfying our own customers.   That was a huge success and during that time, we started Kat's Klaws, a manufactured nail care line, that sold directly to the public through our stores and eventually to all the customers in the metro-NY area.

We were buying some nationally advertized merchandise through distributors, for our stores and saw how difficult it was to get these items direct, because of high minimums and other restrictions.   We formed Metropolitan Rep Group, LLC, which has been selling these nationally advertised products as well as ethnic and beauty supplies to the local and national distributors ever since.

Our Associates

Customer Testimonials

"Blistex joining forces with The Metropolitan Rep Group continues to be one of the best strategic alliances we have ever made in the broker community.  After 23 years of partnering, we continue to break new ground, set new records and drive sales up to the $5,000,000 mark.  That is a lot of sticks, tubes and jars in the complex "alternate class of trade" market place.  The Metropolitan Rep Group's track record continues to be the most impressive of all the brokers I've managed in my 28 years at Blistex.  As an integral part of the Blistex family, all we can ask is that you "do it again" as we enter our 24th year together in blazing new trails.  Thank you again for all your hard work in managing the Blistex protfolio of brands & the long list of success stories you continue to build on. "

Best Regards,

Tony Cannella 

Northeastern Zone Manager